Growing A Biz & Kids, Part 1

A few weeks ago, I wrote about moms and dads everywhere being ecstatic over Back to School.  For mom and dad business owners, Back to School signifies schedule, routine, and hopefully, high productivity.  However, Back to School also brings sick days, snow days, school holidays, and winter vacations….Which in turn all limit productivity.

Often, as parents and business owners, we start to feel that our kids are out of school more than in school.  The question of what to do with our kids on all these days OFF is HUGE! Quality occasional childcare is expensive and hard to find, so what I suggest is create a partnership with another mom or dadpreneur.

Forming a Childcare Cooperative is a fabulous solution to a very large and difficult problem. In small business, keeping costs down is a necessity, and exorbitant rates for child coverage does not exactly fit the plan.  Striking a deal with another mom or dad is an easy way to navigate high rates and know that your kids are in good hands.

You may be thinking this does not apply to you because often mom and dadpreneurs work their businesses around home life.  Often, parents & business owners work late nights and early mornings, during naps and school hours, but there is always a window where coverage is a necessity.

Take advantage of finding a solution up front because last minute arrangements prove to be stressful and expensive.  Not to mention, kids are unhappy with who, what, & where when a plan is a surprise to them.

Leaving happy kids makes you a much more productive parent and entrepreneur.  Not to mention the incredible experiences that your kids can have with different parents’ expertise.

Over the next few weeks, I will share some steps that will help you establish a partnership with another parent or two or three.

Here are your first 2 steps:

  1. The ‘Talk’ – The first step in the equation is to connect with your spouse/partner – even if you are divorced – and make sure that you each take ownership of what your individual responsibilities are as a parent.  This is what I like to call the ‘talk.’  A crucial step in dividing up tasks is knowing who is the parent in charge of finding coverage when there is a shortage.  (note – if you are a solo parent & a solopreneur….just move on to the next step)
  2. Turn a playdate into a Pitch – The second step is finding another mom or dad or a few parents that you trust in a similar scenario.  These are other parents who you trust and also need a helping hand when it comes to childcare. Make a plan to connect over coffee or a playdate, and present the idea.

Now you have the first 2 steps…Get started!  Stay tuned for next week when I discuss more in the Formula for Growing Your Business and Kids at the Same Time…..

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