How Do You Do, Oh Home Biz Guru?

Who is your home business guru?
You’re too kind… No, really, besides me?
Almost everyone who woke up, went to work, smelled the coffee (that you had to make yourself because your co-workers never make fresh coffee… errrr!!!), looked around the cubicle, and said, “there has to be something better than this,” has a business hero. Someone who gave them advice or, through their own actions proved that starting a successful business isn’t impossible, in fact, it’s kinda probable.
Is your inspiration Martha Stewart? Rachel Ray? James Dyson? Guy Kawasaki? J.K. Rowling, Rich and Jeff Sloan (the previous mention was brought to you by Startup Nation)…
My home business guru just happens to be my lawn care guy… Lawn Dude.
While Lawn Dude doesn’t have his own television show, or have a book on the bestseller’s list, he does offer some pretty good startup advice.
Like this.
He also has the philosophy that if you’re doing what you love… you’re already successful. (No matter what your accountant or in-laws say!)
I guess we find inspiration and advice wherever we can. And, when it comes to business gurus in cartoon land, it’s either Mr. Slate, Scrooge McDuck, Mr. Burns, or Lawn Dude. 


Startup Stella contributes to this blog from her two-dimensional world, which you can learn more about by visiting this cartoon strip StartupNation created to share Stella’s quirky but classic entrepreneurial epiphanies with you.



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