Invention in the Spotlight – Melon Peeler

07 Jan 2011

Russell Williams

Russell Williams is President and Co-founder of InventionHome and Russell created InventionHome in 2002 as a credible and affordable platform for inventors to explore the invention and patent processes and has subsequently grown the company from a start-up enterprise into one of the industry’s leading organizations with a vast network of manufacturers, inventors and partners. He launched in 2008 as a free online marketplace for connecting buyers and sellers of finished “innovative” products.
Russell holds educational degrees from both Carnegie Mellon University (Masters/Management) and West Virginia University (Bachelors/Finance) and has accumulated over 20 years business and entrepreneurial experience.

Inventor Jerry Avey hasn’t always been a truck driver.  His true passion is portrait photography.  And years ago, he and his wife dabbled in the restaurant industry, even considering opening their own restaurant for a time.  While experimenting with menus, various recipes, and his own culinary skills, Jerry stood at his kitchen counter slicing melon and realized what a tedious (and potentially dangerous) job that is.  They say “necessity is the mother of invention” and lo and behold, Jerry needed a better way to peel and slice melon.

Jerry went through countless prototypes, revisions and improvements…experimenting with various types of blades, cutting angles and materials, and finally arrived at his current embodiment which he calls “Melon Peeler”.

The Melon Peeler is secured to a kitchen counter with suction cups, and it has a curved base which conforms with the shape of the melon.  A blade rests above the base and can be adjusted to various heights, depending on the rind thickness of the melon being sliced.  First, cut the melon into wedges, then take a wedge, rest it on one side of the base and gently slide it across the base, beneath the blade.  VOILA!  Delicious, peeled fruit could not be easier to achieve.  The Melon Peeler can also be used to create fancy fruit displays like those featured below.  Who says sliced fruit belongs in a bowl? 

Jerry is seeking license opportunities for his patent-pending invention.  Contact my marketing team ( if you have interest/questions.

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