Invention of the Week #2: Cruisin’ Casket

Halloween fun for grown-ups. That’s this week’s theme.

Our featured invention from our friends at InventionHome this week is “Cruisin’ Casket”.  This product has an issued U.S. Utility patent, and was invented by the team of Daniel Mendez, Vicky Mendez and Daniel T. Mendez.
Cruisin’ Casket is a car-shaped coffin that enables the car aficionado to rest in a true piece of art, personality and style.  It may embody any make and style of car, ranging from classic muscle cars from the 50s to some of today’s most stylish models.

The specially designed, car-shaped coffin opens as conventional coffins do, with a hinged top portion, and features the same type of upholstered interior as standard coffins. Cruisin’ Casket has a fiberglass body and may come in a variety of paint colors and designs. This innovative item may feature whitewall tires and gold or chrome rims for an extra stylish look.  Like blue instead of port red? How’s this?

Obviously, it’s a nice way to tote those mini kegs, not to mention the front and rear bumpers and side exhaust pipes or lakeside pipes. The side view mirrors, or teardrops, are for decorative purposes. The unit’s mufflers pull out and function as handles for transportation during the funeral procession. 

If the user chooses to invest in this unique piece of art while still alive, it may be utilized for alternative purposes, such as a cooler, before it is put to its permanent use. This ice chest conversion may be made possible by utilizing a replaceable liner kit.

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