InventionHome Product Spotlight – “Spin-n-Stor”

Here comes November!  Gone are the lazy days of summer and the relaxing autumn evenings.  The holidays are now bearing down, and it is officially “busy” season!  Time is truly precious, and that’s one reason that we see many inventions that were designed to SAVE TIME.   One such invention comes from Ruth G. of San Diego, California.

The name of the invention is Spin ‘n Store.  The item takes the hassle out of creating the perfect salad.  It is a plastic bag which spin-dries salad.  To use, place washed produce in the bag; twist the top and spin the bag 10-12 times.  This spinning action forces all the water to collect in a reservoir at the bottom of the bag.  Simply pour out the water through the side drain, and VOILA!  Salad is ready-to-eat…or can be stored right in the Spin ‘n Store bag.  It’s much more convenient that bulky plastic salad spinners ~ bags can fold up for easy storage and they are reusable.

Ruth enlisted the help of InventionHome and sister-company MatchProduct to assist her in finding marketing/licensing opportunities for the product.

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InventionHome offers a low cost, low risk solution for helping inventors through each step of the invention process.  They have created a simple and streamlined process for connecting inventors with manufacturers for the purpose of licensing inventions for royalties.

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