Mom tips for staying organized and ahead of the game

Our ally, Victoria Colligan of LadiesWhoLaunch has been a huge supporter and advocate for our Leading Moms in Business competition. She and her team created considerable awareness among the LadiesWhoLaunch community about the competition and many of her members ended up being named winners.

Victoria, ever committed to the success of moms, provided us with this great guest blog post to share with you moms who are trying to juggle work, life, momhood, etc.:

As the founder of Ladies Who Launch and mother of two, I’ve spent years refining my strategies to juggle both roles and gain a comfort level for living a lifestyle that works for me. I’ve compiled some tips below that I hope you will find helpful in your own endeavors!


Structure your downtime: Structure and plan every minute of downtime, naptime or time away from kids in terms of what you will accomplish in your business. Set goals, use detailed lists and be conscientious about crossing things off your list.


Let go of guilt: Decide how you want to be as a mom, let go of any guilt, and go for it! Set your own rules and don’t be swayed by mom-peer-pressure. Do what works for you. Think out of the box and have fun!


Define your task list. Outsource the rest: Decide the tasks you will do yourself and those you will outsource (Everything from grocery shopping, cooking, birthday present buying to online ordering can be outsourced—get creative, get help from high-schoolers). Save tasks like laundry and dishwashing for the end of your day and don’t use them as excuses to procrastinate business tasks. Structure and organize your time down to every second of your day.


Quick tips:


Keep a tape recorder in the car to record ideas in real time.


Don’t read an email more than once unless it requires a lengthy, well-thought out response later. Practice the art of short, to the point texting that summarizes your question or response head on.


Plan your meals for the following week on Sunday, shop, create lists.


Meditate to save sleep time: Meditating one hour a day actually diminishes sleep requirements so you need fewer hours of sleep and have more time for your business.

You can access some great links to LadiesWhoLaunch resources by visiting this page in the Leading Moms in Business Competition section of StartupNation’s site.

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