Pitch Your As Seen On TV Invention To 6 Great Companies in 1 Location

05 Aug 2013

Russell Williams

Russell Williams is President and Co-founder of InventionHome and MatchProduct.com. Russell created InventionHome in 2002 as a credible and affordable platform for inventors to explore the invention and patent processes and has subsequently grown the company from a start-up enterprise into one of the industry’s leading organizations with a vast network of manufacturers, inventors and partners. He launched MatchProduct.com in 2008 as a free online marketplace for connecting buyers and sellers of finished “innovative” products.
Russell holds educational degrees from both Carnegie Mellon University (Masters/Management) and West Virginia University (Bachelors/Finance) and has accumulated over 20 years business and entrepreneurial experience.

The DRTV Product Summit is the only industry event that offers so much opportunity for inventors!

Hosted by InventionHome, the DRTV Product Summit is a one-day event that gives everyday inventors the opportunity to pitch their products to six (6) leading “As Seen On TV” companies in one location. Twenty-four inventors will be selected based on criteria for making a hit TV product. These inventors will then receive 10-minute private pitch sessions with each of the 6 companies in attendance.

Submit Your Invention – www.drtvproductsummit.com

What makes a great As Seen On TV invention / product?

  • The invention must solve a real problem
  • The invention must be highly demonstrable
  • The invention appeals to the masses