Product Summit Provides Unique Inventor Opportunities

Back in April, I posted an article which addressed the growing trend of “micro-shows”.  Many of the largest tradeshows in the land were adding destinations within the larger tradeshow…these “micro-shows” are devoted entirely to independent inventors and their unique products.  Two examples of these micro-shows are:

  • National Hardware Show’s “Inventor Spotlight”
  • International Home and Houseware Show’s “Inventor’s Corner”

These tradeshow opportunities can be extremely beneficial to inventors, by giving them ONE destination at which they can gain exposure to many companies.  In fact from my observation, the inventor areas at two of the largest industry tradeshows experienced heavier foot traffic than the main show floors. 

As a further extension to this “micro-show” trend, I am happy to announce InventionHome’s first ever Product Summit.  We will gather high-level executives from some very influential companies within certain industry segments…provide each company with a private meeting room…and then invite inventors to pitch their ideas to each company for free.  We feel this is a tremendous opportunity for inventors to get real one-on-one face time with successful companies…and what’s more, these companies are fervently seeking new product opportunities (why else would they attend?).

The first Product Summit, slated for September 28, 2011, will bring together six companies from the Direct Response television industry.  You know many of these companies…they are responsible for such products as Snuggie®, TopsyTurvy®, ShamWow!®, Total Gym®, Twin Draft Guard®, Pajama Jeans®, Easy Feet and HD Aviators. 

There are three standard ways to pitch your product in person to a company:  1) pay to exhibit or attend a tradeshow and hope you connect with the right company,  2) attend special inventor pitch days held on occasion by  individual companies, or 3) be bold and lucky enough to schedule a meeting at a corporate office.  Our Product Summit offers one more option…and is the only opportunity to pitch to multiple companies in one place for free.  Based on companies’ overwhelming responses in favor of this Summit concept, it is projected to be an instrumental tool to help the companies meet their need for innovation.

Inventors with products appropriate for TV can learn more about the DRTV Product Summit and submit their invention for consideration at

At InventionHome, we are always looking for ways to bring great opportunities to the independent inventor community, and we feel that these Product Summits provide further evidence of our dedication to inventor success.

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