Saved! By Automatic Backup

Picture this: It’s late December. You’re planning for the year ahead. You resume your work after dinner. Totally in the zone! But there’s a problem. A major problem. The computer is frozen. Nothing works. You turn it off. You turn it on. Nothing works right. Your files and software are inaccessible, useless.

I’m telling you the story of what happened to me. I was in the middle of starting up a new business while playing Startupologist here at StartupNation. And my hard drive had crashed, according to the Dell Customer Service rep. A DISASTER!!! ALL MY STUFF, GONE!!!

The Cinderalla aspect of this story, though, is that just a month earlier, a business associate at a collaborating company for my startup suggested that I get an automatic back-up service. Actually, he didn’t suggest, he demanded, saying something like, “If I’m going to be dependent on you, I’ve got to be confident that you won’t have a catastrophe and lose all this data we’re sharing. You’ve got to have an automatic back-up for your data.” He mentioned a couple of options he’d used for automatic backup of your computer. I chose one not knowing the difference – Carbonite, which is always working in the background, syncing your files with a remote storage area at Carbonite.

And thank goodness for his sage advice. Within a few days of my hard drive crash, I had received a new hard drive from Dell, I logged in to Carbonite, I selected “Sync,” and after Gigabytes of downloading, Bingo! I was back in action, not a single thing missing, everything organized just like before.

So I connected with Carbonite to ask them to make a special offer to fellow entrepreneurs at StartupNation who MUST NOT suffer a loss of their priceless data. Our businesses are just too small to endure that kind of blow.

Glad to share that Carbonite has stepped up and offered a special two-months free on an annual subsciption costing around $59. They also offer their standard “Try It Free” trial without a credit card required. Here’s Carbonite’s special offer for StartupNation folks.

My data was priceless, literally. At around $5/month ($59 annualized), it was a no-brainer for me when I was first advised to download it, and now I’m giving you strong encouragement to develop your own hands-off, automatic back-up solution.

Yes, Carbonite is an automatic backup service we have a special offer on, but choose any such service and get your data backed up automatically without having to think about it. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did. In business, the key is taking only risks you HAVE to take. Your data no longer has to fall into the “risk” category.

Here’s the special offer at Carbonite

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