Say What? Words That Never Pass a Home Bizzers’ Lips

03 Oct 2007


StartupStella - is she fiction or is she entrepreneurial fact?! Welcome to the wry world of Stella, a home-based hoot who graces the pages of StartupNation with her rants, observations and twisted advice, reflecting the realities of what life is really like as a home-based entrepreneur.

Here are some fun snapshots of my life.

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My husband is always commenting that my career as a home business entrepreneur has certainly made my language more… ummm… colorful.
He said I can now put together strings of syllables and consonants that I could have never even imagined in my staid life as office jockey.
The best example of this colorized language comes right after I hang up with my web developer.
My record: a 12-syllable, stream-of-consciousness obscenity I launched right after he told me my website couldn’t be updated because he, “needed some time to grieve,” because Fox cancelled Firefly, his all-time favorite sci-fi show.
Yes. Life as a home business entrepreneur does make for some interesting use of the English language. (And the occasional French, if you catch my drift.)
Despite this ever-expanding vocabulary, there are a few things I could never… ever… say. And I imagine neither could you.
Here’s my list of things you won’t hear me say:

  • “You need twenty orders tomorrow. Why I couldn’t possibly meet that deadline.”
  • “Give a free sample to the Martha Who Show? No, I’m sorry, I don’t give away my product. I don’t care how many product lines she has.”
  • “No thanks. I don’t need any extra help.”
  • “Since I started my home business I’ve re-discovered my love of soap operas.”
  • “It’s really nice to go to bed at 9 p.m.”
  • “I should somehow find a way to lower my profit margin.”
  • “You want my book on Oprah’s list??? Nah. That’s a little too commercial. I was kinda hoping for the discovered-after-death type of literary career.”
  • “One great thing about starting a business is all the free time.”
  • “The good thing about my family investing in my business is the total and complete trust they have in me.”


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