Using Coupons and Special Offers to Track E-Newsletter Readership

I’ve written a lot recently about how and when to send your email newsletters over the summer and holidays. While many people are on vacation, studies show that they still check their personal and work emails. As email marketers, it is appropriate to consistently send out your messages over the summer, as long as you do not stuff your subscribers’ inboxes. But aside from including compelling content in your newsletters, how can you boost your readership over the summer, and in turn see who is reading your messages?

A great way to boost your summer and holiday readership is to include coupons, sales, or special offers in your email newsletters. By placing discounts for your goods or services prominently in your message, there is a better chance that a casual reader on vacation will be more inclined to give your company new business. You should also place expiration dates on your coupons to help add urgency to the sale. Then, after the sale is over, your message tracking and research can begin.

You can determine which of your subscribers opened your messages by using message tracking techniques. For example, at iContact, our system automatically records marketing statistics for you every time you send a message. After your sale, you’ll be able to see exactly how well your message reached its conversion goals — and how many of your subscribers actually read your newsletter.

Coupons and discounts can help increase your summer readership, and message tracking can help you discover who is reading your messages. With this powerful knowledge, you will know which of your messages are more successful, and you can better craft your emails to your target audience.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll be back soon to tell you how holding company events can increase your visibility in the marketplace.


Ryan Allis

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