What Part of Work From Home Don’t You Understand

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I have a slight problem with the whole home-entrepreneur gig. Apparently, to you, me, and the rest of the Startup Nation, working-at-home means that you are WORKING at your HOME.

That seems clear enough.

However, the deluded, including the hubby, sometimes slip into thinking that if you WORK from home, you’re actually just sitting around waiting for something to do. You know, domestic chores: Washing. Baby sitting. Buying groceries. Driving lunches out to my husband’s office. Darning socks. Darning socks? What the heck is this, Little House on the Prairie?

Obviously, working from home does make taking care of household chores a little more convenient, but it doesn’t mean I’ve become the estate’s maid or butler. It’s hard enough to squeeze in all the sales calling, copy writing, bookkeeping, and partnership-building duties on a daily basis.

Here’s what I do. I observe the three-fold path of: avoid, ignore and never volunteer when it comes to excess domestic chores. For instance, there is a pile of my husband’s dirty laundry that is now snow-capped. I’m thinking of installing a ski lift and promoting it as a resort.

Anyone else have similar situations and suggestions on how to handle these incursions?

OK. I have to go. There are some snowboarders at the door who want to use my husband’s laundry pile for mogul practice.

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