When rebranding, stay true to YOU!

I hope you had an awesome start to your summer.  As the temperature sky-rocketed over the last week, and I finally ditched my sweaters for tanks I started to think about change & rebranding.  So many people talk about rebranding, including me.  I went from a social worker to a full-time mom to a mompreneur.  Each step required rebranding.

Often, for a business or business person to stay viable and continue to grow, they have to rebrand and evolve as time goes on.  Sometimes rebranding is as simple as changing one’s logo or media package, other times it involves increasing or decreasing target markets for their marketing campaigns, or changing sales tactics.  Whatever type of rebranding that you do for yourself or your company, it is crucial to remain YOU on the inside.

What do I mean?  Although you may change logos, media packages, audiences, or what type of industry you are in all together…..you still need to be YOU.  If you are not true to who you are, it will shine through AND up until this point a portion of your success is a result of being YOU.  Branding, Packaging, Marketing, ETC – they all matter, but YOU matter, too.  At the core of your business is who? YOU.

For example, take a peanut butter & jelly sandwich.  You can change flavors of jellies or brands of peanut butter, swap creamy for crunchy p.b., ditch the bread for a bagel, select whole wheat over white, BUT at the heart of what you are eating is p.b. & j.  If you remove the peanut butter and jelly totally, you no longer know what to expect…who knows what could be in there?  Maybe turkey?

See what I am saying?  If people love p.b. & j., they want to deal with a biz that is p.b.&j. at the core no matter what type of bread surrounds it.  If they want turkey…..that is someone else not YOU.  In other words, part of the reason that people do biz with YOU is because underneath all the BRANDING, you are simply YOU.

I may have rebranded, but at the core of every step, I was true to ME and who I am.  Trained in social work, I am a listener, helper, and facilitator of change.  As a mom, those skills lived in my daily mission, and now as a mompreneur, crucial to my mission is helping other moms reach entrepreneurial goals.  I may have changed the outer package from Rachel Blaufeld, MSW to MOM to Back’nGrooveMom, but all along the way…..I have always been ME.

To connect with me – check out  https://backngroovemom.com … and, please share why people love doing business with YOU here!  What is the one thing that you cannot change about YOU when rebranding….

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