Invention of the Week #10: Possible Solution to Marital Bliss

This week’s featured invention is “DoubleUps For Beds” from inventor Kevin Robke who uses our invention commercialization partner, Invention Home, to help him find marketing/licensing opportunities for his invention.

Kevin may just have the solution to marital bliss with DoubleUps. As he says, “say goodbye to sheet competition!”

An improvement on traditional sheets, DoubleUps for Beds’ unique split-sheet design can eliminate many of the issues and concerns that can cause an uncomfortable night’s sleep. This allows the sleeping couple to “share their bed, not their covers.”

This product is in limited production and has an issued utility patent.

While they appear seamless when the bed is made, DoubleUps for Beds flat sheets are comprised of a right and a left sheet that is connected with a uniquely designed sew box. This box creates a slight overlap in the bottom center of the sheet, but enables both sides to move and stay covered independently of each other.

One side of the sheet can be pulled away without affecting the other side, creating the perfect solution for adjustable beds or conflicting sleeping preferences. Even the foot of the bed can adapt to sleeping differences, with one side of the DoubleUps sheet left untucked, while the other is securely tucked in.

Offered in various designs, DoubleUps for Beds work with specialty, adjustable and traditional beds, guaranteeing a peaceful night’s rest.

So, what do you think of “DoubleUps for Beds”?

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If you’d like assistance on the commercialization of your invention, check out InventionHome, our very reputable, accountable and effective partner in invention commercialization.

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