Invention of the Week #13: Itsy Bitsy Spider Saved!

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Ever call in your spouse, the one without the fear of spiders, to help escort the creepy crawley little monsters outside?

Inventors Karen Quigg and Anthony Allen have patented a device that could save you arachnophobes countless nights’ sleep and put you in caring control of spider “situations” in your home. They’ve worked closely with our partner, Invention Home, to find marketing/licensing opportunities for their invention.

The Spider Catcher provides a friendly and humane way of removing insects from the home.   The device provides a friendly way to transport insects without harming them. The tool has a head containing bristles arranged in concentric rings. Attached to the head is a handle with a trigger, which allows the user to move the bristles between a diverged position and a converged position. This entraps the insect without injuring it. The entire device can then be carried outdoors and the trigger may again be pressed to move the bristles back to the diverged position to release the insect.

As one who has often created spider catching contraptions, like glass cups with a piece of paper slid in between the glass rim and wall, this is a nice invention.

The question is, would you buy it? For that very spider-averse but life-friendly person, don’t you think this would be a big sigh of relief?

To learn about the steps of licensing your own invention, check out this step-by-step process we provide here at StartupNation.

If you’d like assistance on the commercialization of your invention, check out InventionHome, our very reputable, accountable and effective partner in invention commercialization.

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