Invention of the Week #15: Making Peace with Pills

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This week’s featured invention is “Rotatable Pill Splitter”, from inventor Walt Cheney.  Walt works with our invention commercialization partner, Invention Home, to help him find marketing/licensing opportunities for his invention.  Walt created, prototyped, and patented a unique product to ease the task of splitting medications in halves and/or quarters.


Rotatable Pill Splitter gives individuals a convenient and simple way to halve and quarter pills with great accuracy. This useful product consists of a lid, a base with interchangeable pill beds to accommodate various sizes of pills (even odd-shaped ones), and a lower splitter. 


To use, the consumer selects the pill bed fitting his/her medication and places it on the base.  Then the pill is laid in the pill bed, which holds the pill in place firmly as the splitter is used to facilitate the halving of the medication. The pill is then removed and halved the rest of the way with the hands. Each component fits together securely during use, and the pill beds store conveniently within the base unit. 


To learn about the steps of licensing your own invention, check out this step-by-step process we provide right here at StartupNation.

If you’d like assistance on the commercialization of your invention, check out InventionHome, our very reputable, accountable and effective partner in invention commercialization.

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