Invention of the Week #16: Rock, Paper, Skissors

This week’s featured invention is “Skissors”, invented by husband and wife Dawn and Bob Kenny. The Kenny team works with our invention commercialization partner, Invention Home, to help them find marketing/licensing opportunities for their invention. They created, developed, and patented their unique product to assist children with the task of learning how to use and properly hold scissors.


Skissors integrate finger covers over the holes in the handles of a traditional pair of scissors, ensuring a child does not insert their fingers the whole way through the scissor handles. This will function as a teaching device for young children, exhibiting the proper way for a person to handle and operate a pair scissors, while reducing the risk of an accident. To use Skissors, the child would simply insert their fingers into the attached, pivoting finger coverings, which keep the fingers from sliding too far through the holes in the handles and adhere to the up and down movement of the child’s fingers.


The goal with Skissors is to help a child will quickly learn the proper finger placement and preferred method of operation of a pair of scissors, in a safe and effective manner.


Do you think this one’s a “cut above”?

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