Is the PGA Merchandise Show Right for Your Golf Invention?

Yes.  I believe it is. 

Each year the PGA Merchandise Show attracts thousands of top golf companies, brands and professionals to Orlando, Florida. 


If you have a new golf invention that you would like to license or sell, we recommend having your own booth in the Inventor’s Spotlight area of the show, which is a growing area of the show dedicated to independent inventors.  Companies looking for new golf inventions flock to this area to see what’s new.


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InventionHome partners with many of largest trade shows in the United States and has long recommended trade shows for the opportunity to connect with the industry experts you need to take your invention to the next level. The trick is making sure you spend your time and money with the right trade show.  

Here are a few key points to consider…



Is it the “must attend” show in the industry?

Foremost, the show should have a reputation for being the “must attend’ event in the industry. Small, regional shows might have value if the expenditure is also comparably small, but the large, reputable shows are where you’ll get the broadest exposure and most bang for your buck.



Do the right people attend the show? 

Secondly, make sure the show is attended by product-oriented employees, whether they are in product sourcing, product development, licensing or a similar area. You can spend the entire show reciting your pitch to company sales reps until you’re blue in the face and it may not do a bit of good when the people you need to reach are back at the office.



Does the show have a specific area dedicated to Independent Inventors? 

The best way to ensure that the correct audience will be present brings us to the third criteria for evaluating a tradeshow for inventor opportunity– an area dedicated to inventors. An inventor area on the show floor makes it easy for the product people to find you and gives them justification for attending the show in the first place. In the case of a reputable show, it’s safe to assume that if you build it, they will come!

The PGA Merchandise Show meets all our criteria with flying colors. Now in its 60th year, the show is “the” event for industry professionals to introduce product lines and find new products. And the show does it all with PGA-style, first-class in every aspect!  

InventionHome is proud to sponsor the Inventors Spotlight area again this year and encourages those with golf inventions to consider attending.  

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