LifeTime Brands Seeking New Products – Submit Yours!

Lifetime Brands, North America’s leading resource for nationally branded kitchenware, tabletop, home décor and lifestyle products, has teamed with InventionHome to conduct a National Product Hunt for the next great kitchen product.

Now is your chance to turn your idea into a household name with prestigious branding from Farberware®, KitchenAid®, Cuisinart®, Mikasa®, Pfaltzgraff® or one of many other well-known brands from kitchenware and lifestyle products giant Lifetime Brands.


You may have seen Lifetime Brands featured on the new Food Network series, “Invention Hunters,” where selected inventors are given the opportunity to pitch their product directly to top executives at Lifetime Brands. Through the Lifetime Brands Product Hunt, InventionHome is pleased to bring you the opportunity to submit your own product directly to Lifetime Brands as they conduct a national product search for their next best seller.

Submission Criteria

If your invention fits the following criteria, Lifetime Brands wants to hear from you!

  • solve a real problem
  • have large sales volume potential
  • have a patent application on file
  • ideally have a finished sample
  • have images or video


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