Pet Product Inventors now have access to the Worlds Largest Pet Tradeshow

The Global Pet Expo is the world’s largest annual pet product show. Every year, it attracts attendees from leading retail chains, pet superstores, mass-market retailers, distributors, wholesalers and independent retailers. The 2012 Show featured 835 exhibitors, 2,487 booths and more than 3,000 new product launches. 5,011 pet product buyers from around the world attended.

For the first time in the show’s history, show organizers have dedicated a special area for Inventors to exhibit at this prestigious event. The area is dubbed the “Inventor Zone”, and is sponsored by InventionHome and the UIA. Inventors participating at the show will not only receive booth space on the high-traffic tradeshow floor, but they will enjoy networking opportunities, educational sessions, special Inventor Awards, and a feature in the Aftershow presentation by InventionHome. Only 20 booths are available, so inventors are encouraged to act fast to reserve a spot.

Reserve Your Booth Today –

If you are an inventor with a product in the following categories, this is a great opportunity for you:

  • All pet-related inventions
  • Supplies (pet beds, collars, leashes, odor control, crates, grooming, toys, etc)
  • Food (bowls/feeding, food, treats, etc.)
  • Aquatic
  • Health (flea/tick, dental care, supplements)
  • Birds
  • Reptiles
  • Small Pets

The show will take place on February 20-22 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. It is presented each year by APPA and Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA).

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For help with your invention call InventionHome at 1-866-844-6512.

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