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Shark Tank Casting Secrets Revealed!

Practicing your pitch for when Shark Tank Casting comes to town? Of course you are! And what better way to prep for your shining moment than to get an inside scoop from Shark Tank supervising casting producer Scott Salyers (@SSalyersCasting)! Step inside the casting room as Scott tells us what he looks for in a pitch, mistakes to avoid, and what the rest of Season 5 has in store for viewers!

Remember, if you’re hoping to pitch the Sharks, you’ve got to get past Scott and his casting team first…


Shark Tank has been on the air since 2009 – Is casting for Season 6 more competitive than ever?

Yes, we have had an increase of entrepreneurs applying to be on the show from year to year, and the entrepreneurs are more impressive with even better products and ideas.

What are some of the most memorable pitches you’ve seen? Who’s really knocked it out of the park?

We’ve seen so many pitches since Season 1 so it’s hard to pinpoint specifics. It’s safe to say that the best pitches generally end up on the show.

We’ve seen some wacky pitches on the show! What did these entrepreneurs do to win you over?

We look for entrepreneurs who have a passion for their business no matter how unconventional or unusual the product. Since we know the Sharks are unpredictable when it comes to which products they want to invest in, we never know in the casting process which businesses will ultimately attract the Sharks. That’s why they sit in the chairs and we don’t.

What are the most important things you look for in a pitch? Any tips for winning over the casting team?

There are many factors that determine a good pitch – energy, product, sales, passion, personality, credentials, etc. The best advice I can offer up is to be excited about your business, product or idea.

What are the most common mistakes you’ve seen entrepreneurs make during their casting pitch?

The most common mistake entrepreneurs make when pitching is not being enthusiastic. Too many times they treat the pitch like a business meeting and they only present facts and numbers. Yes, we need to know that data but we also need to get to know the entrepreneurs. We need to see their personality.

(Speaking of personality, do you remember Cactus Jack?)

Any advice for entrepreneurs who have not made it through casting?

Keep trying. Bring in new ideas when you have them.

How soon after casting will entrepreneurs meet the Sharks?

The casting process has many steps and layers which could last as long as three months. We tell everybody applying to be patient but don’t wait for us. They should continue running their business as if Shark Tank doesn’t exist and hopefully they’ll get the call.

We’re loving the current season of Shark Tank! Any hints you can share about upcoming episodes?

We always save some of our best pitches to play at the end of the season, so you still have some great stuff coming at you. Don’t miss it.

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