The Power of Online Invention Tradeshows

07 Sep 2011

Russell Williams

Russell Williams is President and Co-founder of InventionHome and Russell created InventionHome in 2002 as a credible and affordable platform for inventors to explore the invention and patent processes and has subsequently grown the company from a start-up enterprise into one of the industry’s leading organizations with a vast network of manufacturers, inventors and partners. He launched in 2008 as a free online marketplace for connecting buyers and sellers of finished “innovative” products.
Russell holds educational degrees from both Carnegie Mellon University (Masters/Management) and West Virginia University (Bachelors/Finance) and has accumulated over 20 years business and entrepreneurial experience.

Developing or finding the next innovative product in today’s marketplace is the key focus of an ever expanding list of companies. Even our government is pushing industries to innovate more, recognizing the need for innovation to drive our economy. Over the coming years, we expect an explosion in the area of innovation, thus creating a tremendous amount of opportunities for individual inventors.

For those companies in search of innovative products, tradeshows have been a longstanding opportunity to discover the next big product. However, traveling the country to various tradeshows and spending hours walking the floor in search of products is time-consuming and expensive. With the power of the Internet, more companies are turning to online tradeshows to discover new products available for sale or license. With the click of a few buttons companies can search and discover new products without the need to spend time and money on travel.

A Leading Platform for Product Discovery

One of the top online invention tradeshows in the United States is MatchProduct, with its focus on fully developed innovative products, provides companies with a centralized marketplace to discover products that are already developed and ready for sale. Companies can search the site’s database directly by category or keyword or signup to have products screened and emailed directly to their inbox that match their product interests.

Part of the North American Product Innovation Network™

MatchProduct has the distinction of being part of the North American Product Innovation Network™, a network consisting of thousands of companies looking for new products, which provides tremendous exposure for inventors’ products. In addition, MatchProduct is the only tradeshow of its kind that feeds listings to other prominent websites, including some of the largest product tradeshows in the United States: the National Hardware Show, International Housewares Association, and Response Magazine (DRTV). This means that inventors not only receive exposure directly on MatchProduct itself, but their listing can also be discovered from searches conducted on other sites within the network.

How MatchProduct Works

MatchProduct is a commission-based site, which means inventors can list as many products as they want for FREE and only pay a modest commission if MatchProduct lands them a wholesale or license agreement. The MatchProduct marketing team supports all contract negotiations and due diligence efforts on behalf of the inventors and the inventor’s products are not locked up in an agreement, which would limit the inventor’s marketing options.

Inventors and entrepreneurs from all over the world are listing their innovative products on MatchProduct and companies of all sizes are turning to the site as the starting point for their search for innovative products.

List FREE on MatchProduct

Another great online tradeshow for inventions that are not yet “market-ready” is the iShowOnline from InventionHome. Similar to MatchProduct, iShowOnline listings also receive the benefit of being part of the North American Product Innovation Network. In addition, listing on the public section of the iShowOnline includes exposure to the same partner websites for broader reach.

How the iShowOnline Works

Whereas MatchProduct is free to list for inventions that are fully developed, the iShowOnline can only be added to a fee-based Invention Portfolio package offered by InventionHome.

Inventors can contact InventionHome for pricing at 866-844-6512 or go online to

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