5 Rising Mompreneurs to Watch Out For

In 2017, graphic design marketplace 99designs conducted a survey about mompreneurs in celebration of Mother’s Day. The survey revealed that when it comes to entrepreneurship, moms might just have it all. They’re supported by their fellow small business owners, prefer bootstrapping over taking out loans and commit to a “second shift” of work once the kids go to bed to avoid missing out on family time or sleep.

According to the study, female-owned businesses now account for 30 percent of privately held companies in the U.S.

As a mompreneur, I absolutely think that anyone interested in becoming an entrepreneur should pursue it. If you’re considering starting up and need some extra inspiration, look to these six mompreneurs that are quickly becoming the latest rising stars.

Sandra Harris
(Sandra Harris)
  1. Sandra Harris, Founder, ECOlunchbox

This socially responsible business is exactly what it sounds: creating lunch boxes that are eco-friendly for both people and the planet. In an interview with Forbes, Harris, a former investigative journalist and humanitarian aid worker, revealed that the idea for ECOlunchbox was based on the thought that change can begin at lunchtime. The mission is simple: reduce dependence on plastic food containers with a plastic-free alternative.

In the long run, this alternative will benefit both our bodies and the oceans. To date, over 300,000 ECOlunchboxes have been sold worldwide with Harris predicting even more retailers will soon carry and sell ECOlunchboxes.

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Shazi Visram
(Shazi Visram)
  1. Shazi Visram, CEO, Happy Family

Happy Family is the brainchild of mompreneur, Shazi Visram, created to provide nutritious food for babies, toddlers, kids and moms. As mentioned in an interview with Entrepreneur, Visram was inspired to create the company after watching a close friend, who was also a mother of twins, struggle to find food that was healthy enough for her babies.

Her research uncovered that most products on the market are still too processed for children and she wanted moms to know that the products they bought were truly the best for their children’s needs. Aside from providing organic food options, Visram is excited to announce a new addition to the Happy Family product roster: organic infant formula.

Jai Nam Choi
(Jai Nam Choi)
  1. Jai Nam Choi, Founder, Mommy Sauce

According to the 99designs mompreneur survey, 57 percent of moms are 40 or older when they decide to start a business, and Choi is our resident “grandmapreneur” on this list. As the founder of Mommy Sauce, Choi has long been passionate about cooking, especially when it comes to sauces.

Her Mommy Sauce has been so popular with her family that her son (renowned chef Roy Choi) encouraged her to share them with the world by going into business. From bulgogi to kimchi, there’s a sauce to complement every dinner in her shop, but the secret to these recipes stays with Choi.

Akinah Rahmaan
(Akinah Rahmaan)
  1. Akinah Rahmaan, Founder, Banana Skirt Productions

A powerhouse in the music industry (having worked with artists like Missy Elliott, LL Cool J and Busta Rhymes), Akinah Rahmaan took her passion for music and brought it to the fitness world. As the founder of NYC-based Banana Skirt Productions, Rahmaan transforms workouts into parties with classes that teach students how to nail the choreographed dance moves that accompany their favorite songs.

Staying on the cutting edge is how the lifestyle/fitness brand differentiates itself from the pack. Case in point: in 2016, Banana Skirt turned heads and made the news by offering hour-long “Formation” classes in anticipation of Beyoncé’s tour.

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Alli Webb
(Alli Webb)
  1. Alli Webb, Founder, Drybar

For seven years, blowouts have been bringing happiness to customers at Drybar locations throughout the country. Webb, the founder of the company and a trained hairstylist, was recently profiled in Vanity Fair in an interview that recognized how she filled a void in the beauty industry with a whole new category.

She’s got big plans for the future too, with 20 more locations set to open before the end of 2017, maybe even overseas in Paris.

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