Online Marketing Keys 6 – 10

This post is a continuation of the top twenty keys to online
marketing that I began discussing earlier in the week. These particular tips
deal more with the entrepreneurial aspects of marketing your business or
products online, and can help you attract more potential customers.

Keys to Online Marketing 6 – 10*:

  1. If you
    are selling a product, set up an online affiliate program or some type of
    incentive system to reward your customers that refer your business to
    other people. 
  1. Once
    you have an affiliate program, don’t forget to promote it.
  1. Do
    whatever you can do profitably to attract large affiliates and form key
    strategic alliances.
  1. Position
    yourself well in search engines. If you use iContact as your email
    marketing service, you can easily get your content indexed on Google by publishing
    to our online archive, the iContact Community.
  1. Use
    Cost-Per-Click (CPC) engines, and do Return on Investment (ROI) checks
    often to make sure you know you are correctly investing your resources.

Have a great weekend, and I will return with keys to online
marketing 11 – 15 next week.

*Taken from Zero
to One Million: How to Build a Company to One Million Dollars in Sales

(McGraw-Hill) by Ryan Allis.


Ryan Allis

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