A Lawyer Comes Clean….

Hello.  My name is Jessica Eaves Mathews and I am a serial entrepreneur.

There.  I said it.

I am coming clean.  It is high time I admitted that not only do I love helping my law clients set up and run their own businesses, but I have a *fond* attachment to setting up my own businesses.  Attachment might be the wrong word.



Flaming desire.

Whatever I call it, I love it.  Every minute of it.  From the conception of the idea, through the exhausting and creative process of birthing and launching the idea (Lordie — way too many reproductive references in there….).  It brings me sheer joy, I must admit, which is probably why I so greatly enjoy helping others make their own dreams into real, live, operating, and, hopefully, profit-making businesses.

And on my journey, I am finding that I tend to serve a role that is broader than just mere lawyer for my clients, friends and family.  I tend to be a sounding board, sage, marketing and brand advisor, cheerleader, and the voice of reason.  And I like it that way.  I love giving legal advice, but I also deeply love playing all of the other roles in order to help my clients get clarity, define their vision, and create a blueprint or recipe for how they are going to get from here to there.

So, why limit myself here?  While I was using this blog as a way to share information about the legal aspects of starting and running a business (and I still will), I realized that limiting my comments to just legal issues was actually resulting in a failure to share my entire process, whether it relate to my own ventures, or to those of my clients.  I am sure that broadening my perspective here will provide information that many of you will relate to, and hopefully what I share will be of value or encouragement.  As always, I welcome your comments, and emails.

If you ever have anything you would like me to address, just send me an email!  I’d love to get a dialog going with the readers of my blog, much like the dialog I have with my own clients (with the appropriate disclaimers of course…). Also, feel free to follow me on Twitter!  @jessmathews

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