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An entrepreneur named "Matt S." contacted us this week. He’s looking for help. Here was his initial email to us (via our “CONTACT” link at


I’m desperate to launch a couple e-business ideas, but need a more tech-savvy partner. Would you have a resource for finding business partners?

Love the website, by the way.



We responded to Matt right away, looking for a little more detail… and here’s what he had to say:

Hi Rich–

Thanks for the reply! Here’s my situation: I’m trying to develop a few internet ideas, but I don’t have the technical skills. So, I would like to partner with someone who has solid developing skills to co-develop the business with me. I’m working on this part-time and I expect my partner would be, too.

So it’s a matter of gradual, but continual effort. (In other words, they won’t have to quit their day jobs… right away, at least!)

Thanks for any help you can offer.


In yet another email, we learned that Matt lives near State College, PA. But he said the help he needs could be totally virtual, letting people from far away places help him out.

If you’re interested in helping Matt, provide your comments below. Questions are fine—we’re pretty sure Matt’s going to be watching for any feedback…

Thanks for stepping up to help another fellow entrepreneur—and we hope this turns into a great opportunity for all of you!

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