And You Thought You Had Problems!

01 Dec 2005

I asked Jeff Landers from to forward some of the entries they received in the "Home Office from Hell" contest I wrote about a couple of weeks ago. These are my personal favorites. I laughed out loud at many of them, so thought I would share.

• When my wife runs the washing machine I have to pretend I am in an airport.

• Every morning I do the “pledge of allegiance” from my office, when the school does it over the loud speaker next door.

• I couldn’t actually have an employee. Cause at this point we’d have to share the chair.

• I can hear the phone ringing but I can’t actually see it.

• You know you need an office space, when your assistant comes to work but ends up taking a nap.

• No, the baby doesn’t go in the playpen…important papers go there so he can’t touch them.

• You discover that for the last week, your answering machine has instructed callers to "leave a message for Spider-Man."

If you want to read all the entries he sent, you’ll find them here.

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