Back from L.A., Looking for Mentors

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We returned from our KABC radio seminar in L.A. with moderator Al Rantel with renewed excitement. We were hoping 120 people would turn out and it was standing room only… more like 160 people showed.

It was a two-hour jamboree of taking important questions from the entrepreneurs in the room (about half wanting to start up and the half already in business).

When we were done talking, a large crowd gathered at the stage and we had the opporunity to talk individually to people and learn about their questions and interests more in depth.

During the experience a common theme of needs developed, and we found ourselves returning to advice over and over — we kept saying, "You need a mentor!"

And the reasonable question in response was, "Yeah, but where and how do I meet a mentor?!"

We’ve had great luck finding mentors through networking organizations like our local Chamber of Commerce and entrepreneur clubs. We’ve also always been bold about scouring the newspapers for outstanding people in our community and then simply calling them and asking for a meeting or lunch.

We’d like to know from those of you have mentors how you’ve found them and advice you’d give fellow entrepreneurs in need…

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