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Startup Success Guide: Download It Now!

The Ultimate Guide to Startup Success (ie. How Not to Fail)

Back Office Support Solutions (BOSS) released a comprehensive guide to aid new startups with their business ventures. The Ultimate Guide to Startup Success is available as a complimentary PDF download. The free step-by-step guide assists new business owners with the necessary considerations and steps needed to maintain a thriving and successful business.

With half of startup businesses failing within the first five years, Back Office Support Solutions created the in-depth resource to help startups overcome the hurdles when launching a new business. The comprehensive guide walks new business owners through the critical aspects that must be addressed to avoid business failure. From start to finish, the guide provides the resources needed for planning, launching, and maintaining a company brand, raising capital, and addressing tax and legal issues.

Upon downloading the free guide, startups will learn how to develop a business pitch, create legal structure, build the company brand, and leverage the startup ecosystem. In addition, the informative guide explains how to raise business capital, remain tax compliant, and maintain control over your financial resources.

Download your copy for free now.

“We make it our mission to provide businesses with the means to thrive,” says BOSS Owner and CEO Michelle Devereux, CPA, MBA. “We created The Ultimate Guide to Startup Success to simplify the process of bringing a new idea to the marketplace by providing the tools and resources needed to sustain a long running business.”

BOSS offers this valuable resource completely complimentary. Businesses also have the option to sign up for a no-obligation discussion with BOSS’ professional team to address the challenges new businesses face. The Ultimate Guide to Startup Success is available as a PDF download here or for more information visit

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