Entrepreneurship is what Africa needs

We received this message today from a Zimbabwe-based soon-to-be entrepreneur.

Here’s what Kuda wrote us:

message: Hi guys , what a great website you have its quite informative , i am in Harare Zimbabwe, eager to start up my own business and i can say the resources you availed to me on the website will go a long way in helping me realise my dream , i have listened to some of your broadcasts and have heard there is a book you authoured and i don’t know if i can get that book judging from the feedback it is something i am looking forward to reading.

God bless


Kuda, we hope your dream DOES come true, because we believe that entrepreneurship has the power to transform not only individual lives like yours, but entire communities and economies as well.

We talk about this "African opportunity" in the introduction of our book, StartupNation. We stress the importance of entrepreneurship as a spark that replaces desperation and destitution with empowerment and fundamental personal resources.

Clearly the corrupt and misguided African governments are not able to create a high standard of living for the majority of people. Charitable organizations are overwhelmed simply trying to triage disaster situations.

It’s going to be the African entrepreneur, like you Kuda, who is the answer to Africa’s challenges and will create her promising future.

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