Has starting a business made you become a workaholic?

I often joke that I am a recovering workaholic. Most of my adult life, I’ve thrown myself completely into my work and often worked 12 hour days six days a week and thought nothing of it. I loved my work.

For me that changed when I had a son. Now I throw most of my energy into Dr. Seuss and counting by fives. Work is still important to me, but my work revolves around my life plan, not the other way around.

I bring this up because I read this article today about people who are workaholics and are joining Workaholic Anonymous groups around the country.

I ask you, how do you think you know if you really are a workaholic? Is there a fine line between dedication and destruction? As a small business owner, do you need to work all the time? Are you among those who think you can’t work too much?

Feel free to add your comments anonymously if you choose.

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