How to ask for help and get results

As you might expect, we get a great many emails from entrepreneurs who march to the beat of the StartupNation drum. Carin is one of those people.

Unfortunately, Carin has recently run into tough times and sent us an email asking for help. (see her email below, provided here with her permission.)

The question we have is whether Carin’s asked for help in a way that’s likely to generate the results she’s seeking. She asks for money but doesn’t indicate she will provide anything in exchange. Perhaps she could offer a valuable service to quickly raise the money she needs to make ends meet. As entrepreneurs, and to use entrepreneurship to its fullest, there must be a more compelling offer than simply asking for free money?

We’re not knocking being charitable in the least. But is a stranger as likely to be given cash? Or would her odds be much her as an entrepreneur seeking a contract in the amount she requires a more winning strategy?

This may seem like "tough love" but we highlight Carin’s call to action with great compassion, encouragement, and a hope that she can come up with a more effective strategy, and use the power of entrepreneurship to shore up her finances and then create a revenue stream going forward that keeps her out of financial predicaments forever more.

….StartupNation Radio is insightful, informative and compassionate. And my need warrants that compassion and sensitivity.
And for that reason I’m hoping you may consider helping me indirectly.
Due to the loss of a job and deep depression I’m in a severe crisis.
This is about rent and eviction that is imminent. I am hoping that in concert with your wide audience and many contacts a good Samaritan is out there and willing and able to help with a financial crisis. I will show papers evidencing this need and the reality of the situation. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would write a letter as such. My need is great but my embarrassment is greater.
I need 4-5000K to get relief from this crisis. Please know that any part will offer me some relief. Thank you.

With appreciation,

Do you have words of wisdom or ideas to help this person in need?

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