Time Management

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Where do the hours go?

One of the things I like best about working at home is making my own schedule. I decide when to write, when to read and when to act. Sometimes I am writing copy, or blogging at 11pm. Other times, my schedule doesn’t fit with my client’s schedule and I am on a conference call at the zoo with 5 preschoolers (thank God for mobility!). Often we convene by phone in the evening when other calls are not causing constant interruptions. Somehow it works.

One issue I face in working at home is that no matter what I determine my hours to be, others think they can call me whenever it’s convenient for them. I have a problem not answering the phone when it rings. I tell myself it is okay to let the machine pick it up, but I don’t usually listen!

I’m assuming all at-home entrepreneurs have issues with time management. I want to know how you deal with it. Do you turn off the cell phone at 5pm? Do you have a dedicated line and answer only 9-5. Do you take calls late into the night? Do you strictly adhere to a certain schedule? Is your schedule something you created, or do you follow someone else’s rules? Offer advice that works for you, or post a dilemma for a response from the nation.

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