Does Your Office Make Employees Want to Go to Work?

Some companies like Google and Facebook come to mind when you think of cool office spaces, but more and more companies are adding their own twists to the traditional workplace with cozy kitchens and complete gyms. These amenities help foster a unique company culture that builds close-knit teams and promotes healthy work-life balance no matter what the business does.

Through photos shared by employees on Glassdoor or via the Glassdoor apps, see what these companies have that will make you wish you worked there.

1. Zappos introduced a UFO-shaped conference room in the center of its courtyard that can be booked for meetings. More Zappos photos.

Zappos_Cool Offices

2. HomeAway, an online vacation marketplace headquartered in Austin, TX, built its own miniature roof with a hammock for working and relaxing. More HomeAway photos.

HomeAway_Cool Offices

3. Starbucks brings Seattle-based employees together with a homey, full-service cafeteria.More Starbucks photos.

Starbucks_Cool Offices

4. boasts a colorful kitchen with various sitting areas and coffee and food options. More photos.

Salesforce_Cool Offices

5. Hubspot, headquartered in Cambridge, MA, uses modern design to attract its employees to a new lounge. More Hubspot photos.

Hubspot_Cool Offices

6. JustFab, a lifestyle fashion company headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, has an in-house photo studio where employees capture images for their online community. More JustFab photos.

JustFab_Cool Offices

7. Ogilvy & Mather, an advertising agency, provides a gym for its employees. More Ogilvy & Mather photos.

OgilvyandMather_Cool Offices

8. Oracle promotes healthy living with an in-house basketball and volleyball court. More Oracle photos.

Oracle_Cool Offices

9. Groupon uses themed spaces, such as a Tiki room, to spark creativity. More Groupon photos.

Groupon_Cool Offices

10. Red Door Interactive, a strategic partnering firm, has an open floor plan for employees to work, eat and play. More Red Door Interactive photos.

RedDoor_Cool Offices

While beige office walls may help keep some focused on the work at hand, for others it’s often seen as a blank canvas for fostering creativity. Whether it’s halls decorated like the New York City subway system or a floor-to-ceiling spiraling slide, these 10 companies show how to use and design office space in a whole new way.

1. Epicheadquartered in Verona, Wis., has designed an office hallway to look like the New York subway. More Epic Photos.


2. Google keeps some fun in mind at one of their offices as employees can literally slide from one floor down to the next.  More Google Photos.

3. Microsoft employees pull up a seat around this large touchscreen tablet table. More Microsoft Photos.

4. Infosys brings games to one of their offices by adding in a bowling alley. More Infosys Photos.

5. Box, headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif., has a playful take on seating arrangements as they added swings to their office. More Box Photos.

6. Facebook employees can take advantage of a video game room. More Facebook Photos.

7. Groupon breaks away from traditional office norms by adding color and modern design to their office. More Groupon Photos.

8. Edelmana multinational public relations company headquartered in Chicago, Ill.,also adds bright colors and modern design elements. More Edelman Photos.

9. Autodesk employees collaborate in architecturally interesting spaces. More Autodesk Photos.

10. HUMAN Healthy Vending adds comfy chairs that line its reception space. More HUMAN Healthy Vending Photos.

What’s your office like? Share a photo or tell us what you do to make your workspace enjoyable for your employees.

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