Strategies for You in Residential and Commercial Real Estate

Given the global recession, real estate presents new challenges and opportunities for business owners. Businesses especially are affected by the pressures of reduced demand and tighter lending criteria. The fact is, you’re challenged to do more with less.

I just moderated an expert panel on video as part of the Wells Fargo Webcast Series on this very topic and believe it’s a great way to get a snapshot of residential and commercial real estate realities and strategies. The program discusses how real estate can be a tool for reducing expenses as well as generating revenue. It also sheds light on the new rules of the road, including federal initiatives that impact us. Learn about:

  • Lowering monthly payments by refinancing or renegotiating
  • Mitigating commercial property tenant vacancies
  • Reducing overall operating expenses and discovering true cost savings for your business
  • Adapting to the current residential and commercial property markets

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