The downside of “-ish”

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I was recently asked by a strategic partner of StartupNation’s, when’s your site relaunch occurring?

My answer was, “End of June-ish”.

I realized at that moment, that i was guilty of being an “-ish”.

An “-ish”, you ask?

It’s the grey area in our brilliant plans. It’s the risky fudge factor that makes us inefficient. It’s the uncertain, doubting yourself, your thought, the plan, the schedule. It’s not good if it’s a big theme in your business life.

Here’s further insight on proper usage, and how it’s damaging:

-ish, verb: is when you equivocate.
Usage: Instead of commiting to a firm date, I -ish’d, to buy a little leeway.

-ish, adjective: is a rough approximation.
Usage: My cash register has been empty -ish ever since I stopped my weekly email marketing blasts.

-ish, noun: is a type of avoidance or deflection, typically leading to lost time, gained frustration and setbacks in business. Also, an entrepreneur who typifies avoidance, deflection and bumpy business at best.
 Everything was proceeding according to plan until the engineer on the project revealed that he was a complete “-ish,” thus causing the loss of momentum and mass confusion between the product development and marketing folks.

Basically, do your best to stay away from “-ishness” in any form – verb, adjective or noun.

Now I have to circle back to our strategic partner and try to give him an answer he can count on.

No More “-ish”!

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