StartupNation Elevator Pitch Contest helps you build your dream business

27 Oct 2006

From Joan Isabella, StartupNation Radio consultant

Here at StartupNation, we are gearing up for the second Elevator Pitch Contest which hits the airwaves on November 4th. This time, the prize will be The Ultimate Hook-Up: A chance for the winner to fly in to StartupNation headquarters for coaching and to meet with real investors. If you haven’t developed a pitch, you should check out the guidelines and get one together. Why? I asked James Lim, of Haamoniismooth to tell you. He was the winner of the first Elevator Pitch-Off Contest , and he flew to StartupNation headquarters for an afternoon of business coaching. We also had Lim on the radio show, and he got to match faces to the people behind the scenes at StartupNation. Here’s what he had to say about the experience:

It has been a great experience to be the first elevator pitch contest winner.

By entering the contest, I came to realize that having an elevator pitch was only a small part of what was to be learned. In the end, I realized that it’s actually the process and all the time that goes into that one minute pitch that makes the experience so important in starting your dream business. As Mark Twain had said, "I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead." The point is that by going through the mental process of creating a one minute elevator pitch you really have to think many, many hours about what the true essence of your business really is.

Through the experience, I was forced to spend the time necessary to develop an elevator pitch that I could feel confident sharing with anyone at anytime. The fact that Jeff and Rich were critiquing my pitch (and that the nation was listening) made me want to spend more time, be more focused and do my best. I have to be honest to say that I was nervous and it was not easy, but this is the whole point. It’s like practicing before a big game. You want to make your elevator pitch ‘mistakes’ during the contest so that when you do talk to an investor, you will shine.

The opportunity to pitch your dream business can come and go at any moment and you need to always be ready to give your one-minute elevator pitch. By entering the elevator pitch contest, you will gain valuable feedback from Jeff and Rich and be inspired to put in the time and effort that is really required to be ready to inspire your investor to fund your dream business. Realizing that your elevator pitch can mean the difference between getting funding or not, the experience is truly priceless.

So, if you want to build your business and find the funding you need, go to the StartupNation Radio Page and sign up for your chance to be chosen as a contestant today.

Here’s how it will work: Fifteen brave contestants will deliver their elevator pitches to radio hosts and StartupNation founders Jeff and Rich Sloan during three StartupNation Radio Shows in November. Each weekend , there will be five elevator pitches on the radio show which you can listen to on your local radio station, or hear online by clicking on “Listen Now” on the Radio Page after the broadcast.

We need you to help choose three finalists. You do that in the StartupNation Forums. You’ll have a chance to ask the contestants questions and give them feedback on their business ideas and pitches. You can vote each week for the best pitch of the week in an online poll.

Three finalists will deliver refined pitches for our illustrious panel of StartupNation judges. The grand finale will air on StartupNation Radio around the country on December 2 and 3rd, 2006. And at the end of that show, one member of the StartupNation community will win The Ultimate Hookup: The chance to fly in for coaching from StartupNation and the opportunity to meet with potential investors.

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