The Best Decision I Ever Made as Founder of Grasshopper Group

Learn from the best decision made by David Hauser, the successful founder of Grasshopper Group, and leverage the insights for your own business success.

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David Hauser, Founder of Grasshopper Group

David Hauser oversees the strategic direction and operations of
Grasshopper Group and serves as the company’s technology visionary. A
passionate technologist, he’s the guy you go to when you have a question
about how the universe operates (or if you simply want to consult his
encyclopedic inner search engine).

From the Words of David Hauser Himself…    

As Founder of Grasshopper Group I am driven everyday by our core purpose of empowering entrepreneurs to succeed.   

Starting a company can be very challenging and even more so when you are in school full-time, but entrepreneurship drives us to do crazy and amazing things. While attending Babson and moving on from a past business, I felt the need to start a new business. I could either do this alone or with a co-founder.

I decided to start the company with a co-founder, Siamak, and we have built an amazing company that is fun to work at every day.

Starting a company with a co-founder was the best decision I ever made, as it helped grow something simple into something amazing, I had a fully vested partner along for the ride, and we accomplished more together than we would have apart.

The Lesson!

Starting a company with a co-founder is a great idea and helped me personally a lot, but it is not easy. My advice:

  • Don’t partner with close friends
  • Find someone with different skills and not a lot of overlap 
  • Align your vision for the long-term of the company early, and most importantly
  • Be open, honest and have fun!
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