The Dog Ate My Business Plan (and other excuses)

Enough moaning and groaning about all the reasons why you haven’t started your business, or made those important efforts to enhance your business.

It’s way too easy to make excuses… like the ones you used to come up with when your homework wasn’t done for school. But in this case – it’s not a homework assignment – it’s your future. There’s way too much at stake for lame "the dog at my business plan" excuses.


Write down all the reasons why you haven’t finished your business plan, set up a structure, written that Life Plan, met with your accountant and attorney, gotten things in writing with that partner, created your website, etc.

Then, in contrast, write down all the reasons why you think it would be good for you to start and grow your own business.

My guess is, when you compare what’s written for each of these categories, you’ll stop blaming the dog, and start taking action.

As we always say, "the time is now." So, stop hemming and hawing and get your butt in gear.

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