Tricking yourself into waiting (good things will happen)

The theme of last week for me was waiting (and I really have no patience).  I waited for two days after our vacation for my boys to go back to school, so I could really tackle my to-do list.  I waited to hear back from an important business contact on a pressing matter.  AND, then I DECIDED to wait on a phone conference with my lawyer.  Why did I choose to wait when I obviously despise waiting?  Waiting is awful, difficult, and a pain in the you know what, BUT waiting is an essential business move/tactic/necessity.

Upon arriving home from vacation, I set up a phone conference with my lawyer — I had an assortment of legal issues that I believed to require his attention.  A few hours before the phone meeting, I sat down at my desk to finalize the list of what I wanted to discuss in order of importance (necessary step when talking to lawyer to avoid BIG bill).  While, I was writing the list, I realized that there were a lot of “If this is the scenario? and “If that is the scenario?”  and many times “In a third case scenario what dos this mean?”  Although I was anxious to have my meeting and get my questions answered, little red flags were popping up in my head.

The flags said WAIT!  There were too many “What if’s” in my list which to me meant that I would pay for a lot of information, but not necessarily need that information.  Waiting was crucial because I did not have enough clarity on what I wanted to ask to make the meeting worthwhile.  I promptly emailed my attorney, and in 2 sentences explained what  pieces of information I was waiting on to make the meeting more successful.  He agreed that he would be way more useful with these certain little nuggets of knowledge (awesome? that I have such a truthful lawyer).  Therefore, I avoided a major legal bill for that day, and for once – I was not annoyed with waiting.

Of course, I am waiting again because there are a number of steps involved in gathering the specific information.  Now, I do not want to be cliche’, but really “haste makes waste” is slowly becoming my motto.  Remember in the beginning of my blogging adventure, I told you that I would not only discuss the pretty aspects of being a mompreneur?  Well, I meant it — I promised the mistakes, too, and here I am to deliver on that promise.  When I rush, act impatiently, or jump to conclusions QUICKLY, I make mistakes.

You all know that I am a BIG fan of lists — I have little lists everywhere! There are lists on my phone, on my desk, in the center console of my car and any other place, the list-making mood strikes me.  List making has now involved into more of a timeline exercise for me.  When I am evaluating a long-term project or information gathering process, I set FLUID dates for myself.  For me, this removes the sense of waiting because I appear to be meeting my deadlines, however, I purposefully set my dates in a no-rush fashion.  I am playing mind-tricks on myself!

Certainly as a mom and an entrepreneur, I like to check items off my list every day, but I had to teach myself not to barrel through the list with rapid vengeance.  I like to think of my little Jedi mind-trick as Back’NGrooveMom’s special ingredient. Do you find that sometimes you rush to feel a sense of accomplishment?  Does it come back to “bite you?”  Do you ever trick yourself in business?

While you wait for my next post — Check out my blog at to follow my new-found snail’s pace.

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