A brand new scheduling challenge for myself & YOU

Happy Mother’s Day!

Remember when I ditched my cel phone for spring break with my family a few weeks ago?  The results were more than I expected. All parties involved seemed to be fairly impressed with the results.

Well, I have a new mompreneur challenge for myself and some to-do list pointers just in time for Mother’s Day.

Think about this — Do you ever spend one day of the weekend without planning?  As moms and entrepreneurs or small business owners, we lead very scheduled lives trying fit everything into 24 hours. This weekend is Mother’s Day, and I say Go for it!


Don’t forget to let me know if you are more invigorated to tackle your to-do list of the work-week after taking a day off of planning on the weekend!

For my own mompreneur/Mother’s Day Tribute, grab a cup of coffee (at your leisure) and join me at https://backngroovemom.com — Rachel

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