Book tour update – encouraging feedback

Well, we got a great review in Publisher’s Weekly. That’s going to help build momentum a lot!

One great idea we got from the community is to create a contest to see who in our community could sell the most books (through referrals) and to reward that person with 2 hours of one-on-one business coaching. What do you think?

Also got some great feedback today from people across America—it’s a promising sign that people are responding to what we’re trying to accomplish!

One community member chimed in from Arkansas – here’s his comment he emailed in to our site today:

I bought the only copy of your book available at Hastings in Conway, AR. My guess it was the only copy in a city of approx. 45k people. I look forward to reading it. Thanks!

We gotta get more copies of the book to Conway, AR!!!

And here’s a cool email we got from a community member named Anthony:

Just a quick note to you guys…I’m about ready to launch a new search-engine website. The stuff I read from your website and emails…it’s just so valuable. It is by far the best, free online subscription forum on the planet. I feel you guys are very genuine in your pursuit to helping people become successful in their own business. I applaud what you’re doing. Once my site takes off, I would LOVE to be able to say STARTUPNATION was absolutely INSTRUMENTAL in getting us off the ground. Keep it up guys!

Music to our ears, Anthony!!! You mean all this work we’re doing here is actually WORKING???!!! Really exciting…

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