Do you ever ditch your smart phone?

13 Apr 2011

As a mom and entrepreneur, I straddle my time between 2 different departments for lack of a better explanation.  I have my business goals, obligations, and deadlines/timelines, BUT I also have a responsibility to my family. Most importantly, I need to make it a priority to enjoy real-time with my sons.  I am not who I am today without the lessons, time, and values that my mom gave to me, and I need to do the same for my boys.

Spring Break starts this Friday at 3 p.m., and although I worked part of the winter break, we have a family trip scheduled for spring break.  This is a time for us to share with one another having conversation that does not include talk of homework, tests, chores, my busy schedule, carpool details, lunch menu choices, and the need for everyone to be quiet because I have a conference call.  It is Real Live Face-to-Face time (not on an Itouch) where we can create memories that certainly will never fade.

SO, I am challenging myself to something new — watch the video below and find out!


Some may criticize my decision, but it feels right to me.  I owe this to myself and my boys – to be a family without interruption.  This also teaches my boys an important lesson – that they do not have to be tethered to technology all the time either, but actual time spent together is important.

If you think I may need checks and balances with this challenge:  Have no fear!  My mom is joining us, AND no one dislikes my smart phone use more than my mom.

I hope you will think of me next week –

Do not forget to drop me a comment below if you try to ditch the phone or not on vacation….always curious to hear different opinions.

You can always visit me at and catch up on my archived posts.

And, you know that I will have one big blog to write when I get back on how this whole challenge went for me!

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