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If you’ve ever traveled overseas, you might agree: we believe there’s no country on earth that sets the table for entrepreneurs quite like America.

Faisal Hazime knows this. We snapped this photo of him (with a Verizon Treo) at his restaurant, Pita Cafe. He’s proudly holding the StartupNation book — he’s mentioned on page XIV of the introduction. It was only appropriate that we include him. After all, it was his crushed lentil soup that got us through the late nights this past winter while we were writing the manuscript that’s now published.

Faisal has traveled all over the world, but hails originally from Lebanon. Now he’s rearing his family here in the U.S. and running the best middle eastern lunch spot in our town.

Like nowhere else in the world, he’s got the infrastructure, the organized business community (don’t underestimate how corrupt other countries are and how damaging that is to entrepreneurs), the advertising mediums, and an open culture that seeks out cuisines from around the world.

Like Faisal, hundreds of thousands of Americans–whether newly minted or native born–are making the most of the opportunity to run their own show.

All the more reason that the time is NOW to Start It Up!

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