How Does Your Garden Grow: Planting Seeds To Grow Your Business

Since I set up shop in my home office, I’ve noticed that I am adversely affected by the long Michigan winter. Maybe it’s because my life plan involves stopping to smell the roses and when there are no roses, I miss them. This year, I’m fighting back before the snow begins to fall.

I just planted bulbs outside my office window. The weather has been extraordinary here in Michigan this autumn, but I know that winter is on it’s way and the skies will turn gray. I’m okay with that for a couple of months, but when March arrives, I’m ready for sunshine. And flowers. This year I’ll have them. I planted the crocuses that should pop up even if there is still snow on the ground in March.

That got me to thinking about other small tasks I can accomplish now to make sure my business garden will be in full bloom next spring. I’m creating templates for projects I have done before I will need to do again next year. I’m working on my taxes so I don’t have the dread of crunching numbers come January 1st. I’m taking a crack at creating a budget for the projects I outsource based on what I spent so far this year. And I’m thinking about redecorating my office: Figuring out what I need and what I can afford to spend on that project.

I’d really like to know some of the things you are doing to prepare for the coming year. Please add a list to the blog and let’s learn from one another.

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