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2024 New Year’s Resolutions, from StartupNation and AI

Last year about this time, when ChatGPT still felt like a novelty and not “THE FUTURE!,” we put it to the test to write a snap New Year’s resolutions list.

The result was impressive. We immediately added “Learn ChatGPT” to our own New Year’s resolutions list. And we published this article.

It’s that time again, innit? So, here goes, a 2024 New Year’s resolutions list built by ChatGPT based on recent StartupNation content for side hustlers, entrepreneurs and small business owners:

  1. Improve Financial Management: Focus on better financial planning and management, including budgeting, expense tracking and financial forecasting.
  2. Enhance Negotiation Skills: Work on developing stronger negotiation skills to secure better deals and partnerships.
  3. Overcome Business Fears: Actively work on overcoming fears and uncertainties related to business operations and decision-making.
  4. Plan for Business Succession: If running a family business, plan and prepare for business succession to ensure long-term stability.
  5. Time Any Business Launches Effectively: Consider the best time of year to launch or expand the business, taking into account seasonal trends and market conditions.

ChatGPT adds that these resolutions “are derived from the collective guidance and insights offered in the articles, aiming to foster growth, resilience, and strategic thinking in the entrepreneurial journey.” And while we cannot disagree, we are struck by how concrete and tactical the resolutions are. 

No “Dream Big and Never Give Up!” to be found here.

We like that. Most of the time, after all, it’s about the grind.

We hope these New Year’s resolutions help as you compile your own 2024 list and chart your business success for the year ahead.

Happy New Year!

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