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8 Ways to Inspire a Virtual Team

Thanks to technology, the traditional workplace has become a relic of the past. We no longer need to hire qualified individuals who are in the proximity of our business. We can now tap into a global talent pool to hire the best person available for the job. The downside? Working with remote workers can be...
Morning routines
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3 Ways Thriving Entrepreneurs Structure Their Morning Routines

Ever wonder what Bill Gates eats for breakfast? Or what Oprah’s favorite meditation is? Developing a unique routine that works for you is much more important than copying someone else’s habits to a tee. Different things work for different people. The faster we can accept that our individual preferences and needs have value, we can...
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7 Ways To Bounce Back From Your Biggest Setback

Everyone grapples with setbacks and obstacles on the path to success. Sometimes, a breakdown can lead you to a significant breakthrough. Here’s how seven successful entrepreneurs and members of The Oracles overcame a setback to fast-track their ultimate success. StartupNation exclusive discounts and savings on Dell products and accessories: Learn more here Appreciate that failure presents a...
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WJR Business Beat with Jeff Sloan: Elon Musk SpaceX Rocket (Episode 67)

On this morning's WJR Business Beat, Jeff discusses the inspirational news of Elon Musk's SpaceX launch into orbit, taking Americans back into space for the first time since 2011. The launch has helped cut through all the noise and confusion we're currently experiencing as a society, lifting the spirit of all mankind. Tune in to...
side hustle
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4 Informational Podcasts to Inspire Your Side Hustle

I’ve written about podcasts before, covering all spectrums from financial podcasts to best business podcasts for entrepreneurs. Side hustle podcasts, on the other hand, reside in their own unique category. Think of them as stepping stones to get to the end goal of entrepreneurship. Many side hustle podcasts guide listeners to take the next step...
girls who code
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Girls Who Code: Building Opportunities Out of Obstacles

The following is excerpted from "Legacy in the Making" by Mark Miller and Lucas Conley, p.19-26 (McGraw-Hill Education 2018). Reshma Saujani isn’t fazed by failure; she’s inspired by it. The founder of Girls Who Code, a nonprofit on a mission to equip girls with computing skills, and the author of "Women Who Don’t Wait in...
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7 Fatal (and Common) Mistakes Threatening Your Startup’s Success

Most startups fail. It’s the nature of business—there isn’t enough room for everyone. And as anyone who has founded a successful (or unsuccessful) business can attest, there are about a thousand different ways to crash and burn. But someone has to succeed, and that someone may as well be you. After all, you’ve got a...
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How This Mom’s Ever-Growing Laundry Pile Inspired a Business

Any parent of young children can relate to the constant struggle of staying on top of laundry. Angelyn Myers, founder of My "Buddy" Towel, is no different. The mom of six was especially frustrated when one of her children insisted on using three towels to keep warm after bath time, adding significantly to the laundry...
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Entrepreneurship is About the Journey, Not Just the Destination

The following is excerpted from "The Entrepreneur's Framework: How Businesses Are Adapting in the New Economy," available at select bookstores and on Amazon, in paperback and for the Kindle. All proceeds from book sales are being donated to the Big Brothers Big Sisters in Philadelphia, PA. Without a doubt, fear keeps the wantrepreneur from finding out...
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5 Ways to Be More Innovative in Growing Your Startup

Innovation. It’s a hot buzzword in the startup world, and yet, when you’ve been working 15 hour days and struggling to find funding, it’s a concept that you may find difficult to actually capture. While defining innovation and what makes for innovative concepts may vary from one founder to another, I think we can all generally...
peter shankman
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Peter Shankman: A Faster Than Normal Entrepreneur

No moss grows under serial entrepreneur, Peter Shankman. The founder of Help a Reporter Out sold his company to Vocus within two years of its inception. He travels the world delivering keynotes and consulting on topics such as customer service, social media and ADHD. He penned a book about succeeding with ADHD called, “Faster Than Normal:...
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4 Inspirational Podcasts Entrepreneurs Should Tune in To

When I’m driving or taking my dog for a walk, I like to listen to books or podcasts. It makes me feel like I am accomplishing two things at once, and I like to take this time as an opportunity to learn something new. These are my four favorite podcasts, each of which I highly...
business plan
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How to Write a Business Plan: Tips from the Experts

For even the most organized and motivated entrepreneur, writing a business plan can be a daunting task. After all, your business plan is your first opportunity to make critical evaluations of your idea, and to view it from the perspective of different stakeholders. Below, we will discuss some of the universal best practices that apply to...
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6 Success Lessons You Need to Know for Self-Improvement

The path to greatness starts with a critical look in the mirror. These accomplished entrepreneurs share their best, most practical (and actionable) tips to maximize your potential for success with self-improvement. 1. Quit caring and take ownership First off, unbelievable happiness comes from a self-belief that’s not swayed by people’s opinions of you. So many...
StartupNation community
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What’s Hot in the StartupNation Community Forums?

The StartupNation community forums provide an online space for like-minded entrepreneurs to share advice, discover new data and strategies and connect with one another. It is also an outlet for dreamers to learn the necessary steps to turn their ideas into reality and a place where entrepreneurs and small business owners can turn to for...
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5 Startups Headed for Success (and How You Can Learn from Them)

Smart entrepreneurs know it’s not the business model itself that creates success, it’s the mind and strategy behind it. It’s the long vision, the sleepless nights, the endless pots of coffee and that insatiable drive to keep going, no matter what. The best startups are created by entrepreneurs who have enough drive and passion to see...
Creativity slump
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How to Get Over a Creativity Slump In Your Business

As entrepreneurs, we are constantly coming up with new ideas. For many of us, it’s pretty natural. Not only that, but the more we do it the easier it becomes. That is, until you wake up one day and you are in a creativity slump. Gone. Poof. The muse took a vacation and forgot to...
Start a movement
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It’s Time To Start A Movement

We all should live a life that stirs movement. Martin Luther King, Jr. Gandhi. Germaine Greer. Erin Brockovich. Oprah. I’m not a big fan of comparing myself to others, and nor should you be. But when you read the names above I want you to think carefully about something: what did these people have in common?...
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The Dark Side of Passion in Entrepreneurship

Passion. It’s the key ingredient in entrepreneurship. You can’t push a company from zero to one without it. What is it? What is passion? Entrepreneurs know it as the drive that keeps you from going on vacation for three years straight. It’s the motivation to keep at it when everyone says no. It’s the panic...