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4 Informational Podcasts to Inspire Your Side Hustle

I’ve written about podcasts before, covering all spectrums from financial podcasts to best business podcasts for entrepreneurs. Side hustle podcasts, on the other hand, reside in their own unique category. Think of them as stepping stones to get to the end goal of entrepreneurship. Many side hustle podcasts guide listeners to take the next step with their side projects so they can turn it into a full-time business.

The only question now is, which side hustle-friendly podcasts should you invest your time listening and subscribing to? Let’s take a look at four side hustle podcasts that cover a wide range of topics necessary to getting your gig off the ground.

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The Side Hustle Show

Your 9 to 5 job may make you a living, but it’s your side gig(s) outside of those normal business hours that make you feel alive. Hosted by Nick Loper, The Side Hustle Show is a podcast dedicated to part-time side hustlers focusing on growing their gigs into businesses.

New episodes each week cover plenty of familiar entrepreneurial ground. Need to know more about scaling your business or marketing on Pinterest? How about productivity hacks or finding simple side hustles where you can make bank? The Side Hustle Show explores each of these topics, and digs into lesser-known hustles on the rise and the conversations surrounding them. We’re talking gigs like knife-sharpening businesses, flea market flippers, and a Girl Scout blog that built up $5K in monthly revenue — all on a part-time basis.

The episode you need to hear

#300: 5 Listeners Who Took Action and Are Seeing Awesome Results

This episode is dedicated to listeners who are taking action! Earbuds in to hear more about the side gigs they created, many of which were inspired by the series.

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Hashtag Authentic

In reality, side hustling looks very different in real life than it is depicted on, say, Instagram. No one is more aware of the nitty gritty day-to-day of entrepreneurship more than Hashtag Authentic’s host, Sara Tasker.

Every Wednesday, Hashtag Authentic empowers side hustlers and creatives to be their most authentic selves while growing their businesses. After all, one doesn’t (and shouldn’t) have to sacrifice one over the other in pursuit of entrepreneurship.

The episode you need to hear

#60: Diving Into Your Discomfort Zone With Farrah Storr

Storr’s career backstory is a fabulous one — she’s currently the editor-in-chief of “Cosmopolitan UK,” but she didn’t get there by taking the easy road. Storr reveals how reframing your fears as challenges can make all the difference in allowing you to make a leap of faith forward toward success.

Pivot Podcast

Becoming an entrepreneur means more than leaping from one career to the next. It also means leaving behind certain creature comforts, career-wise. Predictable paychecks and company benefits (which are often taken for granted) are sacrificed to pursue passions. Whenever one decides to embrace entrepreneurship, they’re consciously making the decision to pivot.

The Pivot Podcast with Jenny Blake examines what comes next when you’ve chosen to “navigate the pivot process.” Each month, Blake chats with entrepreneurial movers and shakers, such as author Laura Vanderkam, and social worker, Mark Rufino, to explore the different roads that entrepreneurship can lead take and lessons those who have succeeded learned along their journey.

The episode you need to hear

#117: Activist Venture Capital and Teaching Yoga and Meditation at Rikers With Marcus Glover

Marcus Glover is a partner at early-stage investment fund, Southbox, which works to fund high-growth tech startups. He is also a yoga and meditation instructor at Rikers Island Prison, where he leads juvenile programs. Run, don’t walk, to download this episode and hear how he juggles this unusual, but highly rewarding, career combination.

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The Fizzle Show

Fizzle? More like sizzle! The Fizzle Show gets straight to the point with this podcast. Every episode is dedicated to keeping entrepreneurs and creatives on their paths by providing the tips they need to succeed. Podcast coverage includes everything from embracing side hustle “doomsday” survival prep to determining whether or not “bigger” really is better in business — and why it’s fine to remain a company of one.

The episode you need to hear

#308: 15 Gig Economy Jobs To Fund Your Dream Business

Don’t have a side hustle, or are currently less than satisfied with your existing side gig? Listen to this episode to uncover a plethora of options that might be an even better fit!

With these side hustle podcast episodes in your back pocket (or your earbuds), you’ll have a new wealth of knowledge that will help get your new gig off the ground.

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