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11 Self-Made Millionaires Reveal the Best Advice They Ever Got

These millionaires and advisors in The Oracles have had some super-smart mentors; so we asked them for the best advice they’ve ever received. Here’s what they told us — and how it led to their success. StartupNation exclusive discounts and savings on Dell products and accessories: Learn more here “You’ll never succeed without me” The best...
Agnieszka Wilk
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The 7 Business Lessons We’ve Learned in 7 Years

Fewer than 50 percent of businesses make it to their fifth year. That means that half of all companies have a short lifespan, despite their efforts to build something successful long-term. The interior design space is particularly competitive: predictions state that by 2026, the market will be worth $270,410 million, and in turn, a whole...
online business
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7 Tips for Starting an Online Business

Few things create a flood of new online business seekers like economic uncertainty, but the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has been particularly exceptional for one reason: remote work. Now that people have cut commutes and are getting more time at home, that side hustle that’s been shelved for so many years has become significantly more approachable....
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The Best (and Craziest) Advice I Ever Received and How It Led to My Success

Not everyone gets to the top by following the same rules, and these nine business moguls and Advisors in The Oracles are proof of that. Here, Grant Cardone, Bethenny Frankel and others share the unconventional advice they say has led to their success. StartupNation exclusive discounts and savings on Dell products and accessories: Learn more...
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15 Books That Every Entrepreneur Should Read During the Pandemic

The dog days of summer are here, which means prime reading time. While the warmer weather continues to beckon us outdoors (while still practicing social distancing, of course) and most of us find ourselves with a bit more free time due to the pandemic, it feels as though there is more time to hit the...
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The Worst Advice I Received as an Aspiring Entrepreneur (and What Was Actually Helpful for Growing My Business)

Any successful business founder will tell you that you need external input and second opinions during your entrepreneurial journey. Being an entrepreneur means knowing what's best for your business and knowing what advice is valuable and applicable. With so many people offering their insights and personal experiences about starting a company, it's not always easy...
side hustle
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4 Informational Podcasts to Inspire Your Side Hustle

I’ve written about podcasts before, covering all spectrums from financial podcasts to best business podcasts for entrepreneurs. Side hustle podcasts, on the other hand, reside in their own unique category. Think of them as stepping stones to get to the end goal of entrepreneurship. Many side hustle podcasts guide listeners to take the next step...
cash flow
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How a Unique Approach to Cash Flow Has Helped This Architect Construct Her Business

Leslie Saul & Associates, Inc. is an architecture and interior design firm based in Cambridge, Massachusetts that primarily services the greater Boston and Miami areas. The business focuses on renovations including offices, restaurants, retail stores, senior living facilities, private homes, universities, churches, and synagogues, among many other building types. Founder, Leslie Saul, says that having...
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This Veteran-Owned Business Brings the Spa to You

Founded in March 2010 by U.S. Army veteran Jessica Dragan, Spa Massage on the Go brings spa-quality massage treatments directly to their clients. Dragan started the company to help veterans who are sick, elderly, disabled or in hospice. Being a veteran herself, she feels a calling and a love for her peers. Based in Milwaukee, Wis.,...
job search
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How This Entrepreneur Created the Ultimate Job Search Site

Beeya is a metasearch engine for jobs founded by CEO Ladan Davia. The company aggregates job listings from all the major job search sites in one place. It helps job-seekers save time and resources by using an algorithm that matches them with jobs based on their resume and job postings.  “I got an email from...
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What’s the Difference Between a Startup Incubator and an Accelerator?

It’s not uncommon for aspiring entrepreneurs to think a startup incubator and accelerator are the same concept. Which does what, exactly? Do entrepreneurs need both in order to succeed? Incubators and accelerators are designed to help guide entrepreneurs and their businesses to success. However, not every startup may be the right fit for both an...
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5 Pieces of Startup Advice That Every Entrepreneur Should Avoid

Entrepreneurs are always hungry for advice and guidance from veterans who have already grown their businesses. There is no shortage of perceived wisdom regularly handed out that all entrepreneurs should take heed of. There are endless books, blog posts and articles, all offering advice to an eager audience. However, some of these pearls of wisdom...
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Problem Solvers: These Entrepreneurs Offer Innovative Solutions [Radio]

This week on StartupNation Radio, your host, Jeff Sloan, is joined by 2000 Olympian and former world heavyweight contender turned small business CEO, Calvin Brock. Later in the show, Jeff talks to Ryan Frederickson, founder of ArT Wine Preserver, an incredibly innovative product that keeps wine fresh, letting you explore and enjoy wine, without committing to the...
Young entrepreneur
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Advice for Young Entrepreneurs (from a Young Entrepreneur)

Growing up, it always irritated me when I would read books and hear about teenagers, as young as 13 and 14, making millions by starting their own business. I started my own landscaping business at 14, and the best I ever did was rake in $30K when I was 16. It wasn’t until recently that...
women entrepreneurs
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Veteran Entrepreneur Stephanie Breedlove Shares Essential Business Advice

Veteran entrepreneur and angel investor Stephanie Breedlove founded Breedlove & Associates (a household payroll and tax firm) and sold it to in 2012 for more than $50 million. She’s now active as a mentor to other female entrepreneurs and a sought-after speaker. Her book, “All In: How Women Entrepreneurs Can Think Bigger, Build Sustainable...
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Startup Wisdom: Five Things I Wish I Knew Before Doing Startups

Jason Thibeault  the Sr. Director of Marketing Strategy at Limelight Networks and Co-Author of "Recommend This!" recently shared startup wisdom as he reflected on his career working in, with and for startups. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Looking back on a decade of my life spent in startups, it’s high time that I reflect on...
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Inspiration to StartUp: Should YOU Follow Your Passions?

This question has been in my heart and thoughts lately as my pet project,, finally launches. As always, there are naysayers. Naysayers that question what a childrenswear designer could possibly know about the crazy world of online entertainment. As I take my first steps in this new venture, I'm often asked "I know this...