Inspiration to StartUp: Should YOU Follow Your Passions?

This question has been in my heart and thoughts lately as my pet project,, finally launches. As always, there are naysayers. Naysayers that question what a childrenswear designer could possibly know about the crazy world of online entertainment. As I take my first steps in this new venture, I’m often asked “I know this is a passion of yours, but is it worth it? Will it pay?”

I can’t help but laugh since I was asked those exact same questions when I launched Glamajama. People thought I was crazy when I admitted to wanting to do more than just local craft shows. I guess I couldn’t blame them. After all, I had no experience, no support, and no financial resources. All I had was my hopes, dreams, and a fierce desire to fulfill my passion.

Seven years later, Glamajama is a leader in the childrens industry with national distribution in retailers such as Target and JCPenney. I’ve received thank you letters from Halle Berry, seen our clothes grace countless magazines, watched the hosts of the Today Show excitedly introduce the line on live TV, and helped the design team of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition build a house on primetime.

following your dreamsI could go on for hours with all the amazing things I’ve been able to see, share, and accomplish as the CEO of Glamajama, but I won’t. What I will say, however, is that all those things were possible because of my PASSION. Nothing more, nothing less.

I never had a silver platter, rich Uncle, or even a clue at a few critical moments along that journey. What I did have, however, was a vision for my ideal personal and professional life. Instead of focusing on what I couldn’t do to make it happen, I focused on what I could. I may have gotten knocked down, discouraged, and even doubted my sanity at times (many times), but that’s natural. At the end of the day…

It’s not how many times you get knocked down that count, it’s how many times you get up that matter.

I’m reminding myself of this today as I hear the doubts in people’s voices when I talk about FitandFearLESS, miss my “video view counts” goal for the day, or fail to get a response from a media pitch. The best things in life aren’t easy and it just makes winning that much sweeter. The joy is always in the journey, not the end.

So what does all this really mean? Does passion pay? I say YES. Our passions might not always pay dividends to our bank accounts, but they will always pay dividends to our heart and soul.

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